NHL GM is “ready to swing for the fences” on trade.

NHL GM expected to go all in on big deal.

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It appears that one National Hockey League general manager is prepared to put all his chips on the table.

Of all the teams that have been mentioned in the past several weeks there is one that Sportsnet insider Ellliote Friedman believes will be making the biggest moves, and that's the Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin.

“I think if you’re looking at it and saying, ‘There’s a team with the possibility of doing something big,’ they’re very high on that list,” said Friedman. “I mean, it’s always possible they could do nothing or tinker, but I do think there’s some GMs and they’re at the plate right now. They’ve got their Babe Ruth ‘Black Betsy’ and they’re taking a big swing at the wall. That’s what Marc Bergevin is doing right now. He’s let it be known that if there’s something out there that’s big he’s willing to listen."

Bergevin learned the trade under general manager Stan Bowman in Chicago, and Friedman believes that has taught Bergevin to look for home runs when he feels his team has a legitimate shot at going all the way.

“So he learned the philosophy was when you don’t think you’re ready, you hit singles, said Friedman as per Nichols on Hockey. "Then when you really think you have a chance, you go up and you swing for the fences. I think he’s in a position now where he thinks they have a chance, so he’s ready to swing for the fences."

Obviously in a market like Montreal. any significant trade will be huge.