NHL GM makes it sound like former first round pick may be done... for good.

This certainly sounds like retirement is being considered.

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Comments from National Hockey League general manager Bob Murray make it sound like one of his players may be done for good.

Murray spoke during a teleconference today and those comments have been reported by Yahoo's Joshue Cooper. While Murray never specifically stated that former first round pick Simon Depres' hockey career is over, it's really hard not to read that into his statement.

Murray's statement in full:

"The Despres situation is one that's a very sensitive issue and it's one that my whole goal is to hopefully make it so Simon in the end of all this lives a happy, healthy, normal life and it's going to take some time before we get to that point. Really that's all I want to say on this time on that because it is sensitive and I feel real bad for Simon."

Obviously based on this statement there's no more information coming out from the Ducks general manager, so it's hard to gauge exactly what is going on, but we will keep you up to date.