NHL GM pulled the plug on a trade at the last second!


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Interesting revelations can be made on TV shows when NHL players or GMs are the guests. 

It happened on Thursday when Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin revealed to Dave Morissette of TVA Sports. The Habs GM played the funny game Never Have I Ever and revealed an unbelievable detail. 

Asked he wants cancel a trade at the last second, Bergevin admitted that it did happen! 

Some experts had speculated that Bergevin pulled the plug on a first P.K. Subban trade before he was shipped to the Nashville Predators. We can now wonder if it happened at the last second. 

Did he change his mind on a potential Matt Duchene trade? Or on sending Alex Galchenyuk elsewhere? 

"Only fools do not change their minds," Bergevin says, translated from French. 

The GM also revealed that he has never hung the phone up on a players' agent and that he once honked after a Canadiens' fan. 

The full segment is here, in French: