NHL head coach calls out his team for brutal preseason performance.

Head coach calls out his veteran players.

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To many fans of the National Hockey League the games in the preseason don't matter, after all they don't count towards the regular season point total and are in fact exhibition games. 

For NHL coaches however it's a chance to evaluate their rosters both in terms of young up and coming players and established veterans, and it seems like one NHL head coach is not at all satisfied with what he is seeing. 

On Wednesday just prior to the puck dropping to kick off the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, Habs head coach Claude Julien called out his players for their abysmal preseason performance. 

"The urgency has to come from everybody, not just young guys (trying to win jobs)"

The focus for Julien appeared to be on his veteran players and with an 0 - 5 record in the preseason it's hard to blame the head coach fore being critical of the effort the Habs have put out on a night to night basis. 

Under former head coach Michel Therrien the Habs had set a habit of coming out of the gate before fizzling out later in the season, a slow start to the regular season could result in tremendous pressure on both Julien and general manager Marc Bergevin.