NHL head coach hints at the possibility of coaching another team next season.

Well this is awkward...

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We rarely if ever get to think about where an established National Hockey League had coach will be coaching a year into the future, but that's exactly the speculation surrounding Ken Hitchcock right now.

The St. Louis Blues head coach made it clear at the end of the season the 2016-2017 campaign would be his final one an NHL head coach, so clear in fact that the Blues already went out and hired his replacement, former Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo, but now Hitchcock appears to have changed his mind.

“That [coming back] is possible, but that's in May or June and that's a long time off and you know I just don't think at this time...I don't think it's fair to do that,” Hitchcock told the Dreger Report. “I'm going to coach like crazy and I want to see how I feel and if I feel different then I will let somebody know. Other than that, I feel like I want to pour it all in now and then take stock at a different time."

It's clear Hitchcock won't be the coach of the Blues next season, and if he's already saying this now one has to imagine he plans on coaching next year, the question now becomes what NHL club will he be coaching.