NHL head coach sparks trade rumors as he hints at players being moved.

NHL head coach sparks trade rumors on his own tea,

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You don't often here a coach hint at potential trades involving his own players but that's exactly what happened on Thursday.

During a media availability highly respected National Hockey League coach Alain Vigneault seemed to admit that the direction the Rangers has been heading in the past few seasons was no longer working, and indicating that he would make some changes on his end, and furthermore that there could be changes in personnel.

According to journalist Jim Cerny Vigneault stated he intends to "experiment" and "try different things" but it was the end of his statement where he admitted "we could change some pieces" that caught the attention of the media in attendance.

There has been rampant speculation involving the Rangers this summer and at the forefront of all those rumors has been the name of forward Rick Nash. As you would imagine Vigneault did not reveal any names, but nonetheless this was an incredibly forthright admission by a head coach who clearly believes big changes are in order.