NHL heavily criticized for latest promotional video!

​Former players and pundits are bashing the league.

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The National Hockey League put together a minute long video to promote the Stanley Cup final and what it will take for the Dallas Stars or the Tampa Bay Lightning to hoist the prestigious trophy. The video has been seen many times over on social media and some fans, former players and pundits are heavily criticizing the league’s angle to promote the game. 

In the video, we can see players blocking shots and limping off the ice, grimacing in pain and struggling to keep going. The message it gives is the following: 

“The price is steep, it leaves its mark, but the sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed and in the end, every bruise, every ache, every scar is worth it.”

It did not take long for many fans and former players to comment the post. Former player Dan Carcillo has been quite vocal about head trauma and concussions since he retired from the NHL after his nine-year career back in 2015. He commented the video with these strong words: 

“Please take my name off of you

Twice over 


In his career in the NHL, Carcillo racked up 1,233 penalty minutes and sustained numerous concussions. He also won two Stanley Cups, both with the Chicago Blackhawks. Clearly he does not believe it is worth living with the trauma he still deals with today. 

Others had a lot to say about the league’s latest video: 

We can understand why some fans and players have an issue with the way the NHL is selling the sports on social media. Hockey is way more than this.

There is a price to pay, but how long will these players have to pay for it? 

TSN's Rick Westhead even presented a documentary reel on how hockey players are praised for their willingness to play through injury - no matter the cost. Check out what he had to say: