NHL ignores clear conflict of interest for officials in Leafs/Lightning Game 1

NHL ignores clear conflict of interest for officials in Leafs/Lightning Game 1

Yikes... this is crazy!



This just in, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made an emergency recall from the AHL's Toronto Marlies this morning, calling up goaltender Erik Kallgren to serve as the team's 3rd string goalie tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It's expected that Kallgren will act as the team's 3rd man in goal behind Ilya Samsonov and Joseph Woll for the duration of the playoffs. There's no timeline yet for Matt Murray's return but... even if he were healthy enough to play, would you want him in goal over Samsonov or Woll? Unlikely...

According to TSN insider Chris Johnston, the NHL made a change to their rules, allowing the Leafs to call up Kallgren.

Check it out:

So... while we're making up new rules, can the Bolts get some sort of freebie too?

You know what though, maybe it'll even out because if you believe in officiating bias, the Leafs will have their backs up against the wall this evening.

Wes McCauley will be calling Game 1 action this evening, which is always interesting but well... there's a lot more at play happening when McCauley refs a Leafs game than most fans could ever know. For those not in the know, let me lay it out to you in a bit of detail.

First off, trigger warning for any survivors of sexual abuse out there.

Okay, surely we all remember the David Frost and Mike Danton scandal, right? David Frost was a former junior coach turned NHL player agent who was accused of sexually assaulting a number of underage hockey players, including Danton. Frost was acquitted of the charges and Danton was subsequently arrested and convicted for conspiring to murder Frost.

Okay, stay with me...

Danton and Keefe are lifelong friends. The two grew up playing hockey together and were teammates on a junior team coached by Frost when the alleged abuse took place. Fast forward to Danton's trial and it was Keefe who was on the stand testifying against Frost.

So... how does this all relate back to McCauley and tonight's game? 

Well, Frost and McCauley are brothers-in law and are reportedly very close.

I'm not saying that this is a conflict of interest but... well... maybe that's exactly what I'm saying.

Remember when Keefe was fined for shouting at McCauley? Yeah, makes sense now doesn't it?

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