NHL Insider calls out Kris Letang for diving

Is Letang good at embellishing?



35-year-old Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang has displayed extraordinary perseverance in having somehow been able to return to play after suffering a pair of strokes during his career. He'll also be forever known for his time with the Penguins as part of the famed trio alongside Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin who played major roles in each of Pittsburgh's last three Stanley Cup wins. 

But is Letang becoming more known for embellishment as his career starts to wind down to a close? NHL Insider Michael Russo has no problem labeling Letang as a diver. 

He wrote the following on his X (Twitter) account about Letang's actions, saying that he's been guilty of it for years and that the on-ice officials somehow repeatedly fall for it. 

"Letang did same thing on Eriksson Ek penalty last night. He's done this for years and refs keep falling for it. In the #mnwild's last 2 losses, 3-3 ties were snapped after dives from Letang and Kane. No motivation for them to stop when refs keep giving them the benefit of doubt"

Is Letang a diver? Or is that accusation from Russo a bit too harsh based on just a small sample size? 

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Source: Twitter