NHL insider calls out team management for wasting Star player!

Ouch, this was straight to the point.

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NHL insider calls out team management for wasting Star players!

Yahoo sports editor of Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo sports signed an interesting paper about Buffalo Sabres’ star Jack Eichel.

According to him, the Buffalo Sabres are wasting Jack Eichel for many reasons as they are not expected to participate in the playoffs again this year. “‘Same thing’s happened a few times in the last few weeks just about blowing leads,’ he said. ‘That’s why we find ourselves out of the playoffs.” 

According to Wyshynski, it will be an important year for team’s GM Tim Murray as the salary cap is expected to increase by $2.5 million next year ; "The Sabres’ offseason is going to be a fascinating one. The fate of Dan Bylsma. The fate of Evander Kane. How Tim Murray uses the estimated $24 million in Terry Pegula money he’ll have under the cap."

Finally, according to the insider, the Buffalo Sabres management need to improve this team and find a way to compete for a playoffs spot or they will be facing probabilities of wasting Jack Eichel’s talent.

Here are a few juicy quotes from Wyshynski's article

- "What sucks for Eichel, though, is that a special offensive season is going to waste."

- "What sucks for Eichel is that the Sabres are a rotten team."

- "What sucks for Eichel is that his peers are all leveling up while he’s idling."