NHL Insider hints at Patrick Kane's future plans

What does the future hold for the soon-to-be Hall of Famer?



The Detroit Red Wings and forward Patrick Kane both took considerable risks when they became attached to one another in the form of a one-year contract that was inked in late November. As you remember, Kane had undergone hip resurfacing surgery during the offseason, and there was doubt that he could replicate the magic that made him arguably the greatest American-born player in NHL history.

However, those doubts were quickly put to rest when Kane stepped onto the ice with his new team. By the time it was all said and done, his hip gave him no trouble whatsoever, and he turned back the clock by scoring at nearly a point per game pace. And now that the offseason has officially arrived for the Red Wings, all eyes are on Kane and whether or not he chooses to extend his relationship with the Red Wings. 

While he didn't explicitly commit to returning to Detroit next season, he also didn't completely rule it out. His teammate and good friend Alex DeBrincat openly expressed his hope to see Kane re-sign with the Red Wings, while general manager Steve Yzerman indicated his interest in extending him to a new deal.

As far as what NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet is predicting for Kane, it could be anyone's guess. He touched on the fact that Kane expressed a desire for term in his next deal, while also acknowledging the reality that Yzerman has been hesitant to hand out long-term deals.

He had the following to say regarding Kane's future plans: 

"Oh, well, you know, Kane is an interesting one Gordie because, you know, he, they were here and a few of us were talking to him after his morning skate and he seemed really positive. I think he was just in a good place mentally about how his season went.

But, you know, it was a bit of a different tone, which surprised me a bit. What that says to me and I understand this from his point of view, is that look, Chicago his whole career, and half year, or a quarter of a year last year with the Rangers. And now this year with Detroit.

He strikes me as a guy who wants the revolving door to stop. He wants to go to one place and stay in one place for a little bit of time.

And you know, Steve Yzerman, he’s very careful about term. He’s given, he’s given eight years to Larkin, got to do that, that’s your captain. But with older players, he’s, he’s careful. He does a lot of four and five years now.

He’s not going to give Kane four and five years. I don’t think Kane expects that. But what it says to me is that Yzerman probably doesn’t want to give as much term as Kane would like. And so we’ll see how that plays out and Yzerman supposed to talk .

But I think, but I think Kane feels really good about the way this year went and how good he feels. He clearly loves hockey. But I think what he wants is the revolving door to stop and we’ll see what that means.”

Where do you envision Kane suiting up next season? 

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Source: NHL Rumors