NHL Insider implies funny business in Matt Murray situation

Similar to another former Leafs player?




And according to James Mirtle of The Athletic, it appears as though this situation could be sneakily similar to another former Leafs player in Joffrey Lupul. 

He had the following to say during a recent appearance on The Leaf Report: 

"The Leafs aren't saying anything about Murray and where he's at. His camp isn't saying anything as well. It reminds me a bit of the (Joffrey) Lupul situation," said Mirtle. "The guy goes away, they say he's hurt and they spend the $4.6M they gained from it and we'll see if Murray tries to make a comeback a year from now."

However, according to Mirtle, the NHL is choosing not to look into the situation, which many believe is a maneuver the Leafs are making in order to circumvent the salary cap. 

"I reached out and talked to the League and said, 'Are you looking at this?' and they basically said teams have to file medical documentation when someone goes on LTIR and there's really only an investigation if the League thinks there's something funny there," he said. "The last I heard the league wasn't doing any kind of investigation. The thing agents and teams have said over the years is that most guys that have been in the NHL 8-10 years the way Murray has and have had as many injuries as he has, is it's not that hard to find an injury to point to and say this guy shouldn't be playing." 

During the regular season, Murray posted a record of 14-8-2 record with a 3.01 goals against average and .903 save percentage.

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