NHL Insider leaks details behind sudden Leafs schedule change

The Leafs notably delayed their

Michael W.

Toronto Maple Leafs players have already gone through their end-of-season media availability sessions, and there were more than a few notable quotes that are receiving extra scrutiny right now, especially Mitch Marner's "gods" comment. Head coach Sheldon Keefe also spoke, 

However, there was a notable scheduling change by the team, as it was announced that management's media engagement would be delayed by a day, originally scheduled for Thursday and is now set to take place a day later on Friday. 

According to Elliotte Friedman on his latest "32 Thoughts" podcast, he gave fans insight as to why the delay was announced.

"I think I have a little bit of a better idea of why this week is unfolding as it is," he explained. "You know, the players and Sheldon Keefe had their availabilities on Monday. I think Wednesday is an important day in terms of meeting and planning in the organization.

I don't know exactly who's all going to be in this, I don't know exactly when it's all going to happen, but I do think Wednesday is a day where they're really going to start to drill down on where things are going to go here over the next little while."

He continued:

"I think you have to get over the emotion of the situation. Everyone wanted to wait a couple of days but now it's time to start moving everything forward. One thing I believe is the NHL, Tuesday was draft lottery day, I don't think the league wanted a lot of news on that day... I don't think they wanted too much to interfere with the Celebrini celebration.

Also, Sheldon Keefe was inducted into the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame on Tuesday night and I think the Maple Leafs, also too, are very sensitive of that. But I think Wednesday is going to be the day where they really start to meet and go over what's coming and I think that's why the availability was pushed from Thursday to Friday, because you meet Wednesday, maybe you have to make some short-term decisions on Thursday, let everybody know and then meet the media on Friday. So I think that's where we kind of are with the Maple Leafs, and I think that, like I said, Wednesday's going to be a meeting day.

They're not talking until Friday for a reason, and I'm not ready to jump to any conclusions yet on what this all means, but they're not talking until Friday for a reason and I suspect one of those things is to make sure that they feel they're making the right decision at coach."

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