NHL legend Wayne Gretzky battles X Games legend Tony Hawk in an Epic Rap Battle.

A rap battle between two sports icons.

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This certainly has to be one of the more entertaining pieces of content that has crossed my desk as of late.

So it turns out that there is a hugely popular YouTube channel know simply as "ERB" which is short for Epic Rap Battles, and that channel's specialty is to pit two famous, and often entirely unrelated, figures from history against one another in a rap battle.

The latest installment has NHL legend Wayne Gretzky going head to head with X Games legend Tony Hawk in what ends up being a highly entertaining and hilarious back and forth between the two men. Now of course it's not actually Wayne and Tony in the battle, but rather two actors playing the part of each man, but the result is nonetheless spectacular.

These guys must be doing something right as they now have over 14 million followers on YouTube.