NHL looking to possibly play a few games in Europe next year

A few games across the pond?

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Coming off a World Cup that saw Team Europe make the finals, the NHL is looking to see if that can create some hype.

Pierre LeBrun mentioned in his Rumblings blog, that the NHL is looking to have 2 regular season games in Europe. It might be getting a bit late to try and schedule such games, but there is still hope.

Depending where the games are played and what teams are involved, it might be very interesting for the NHL. They will most likely look to have some of the more popular teams or look to have some big names play in their home country. Say Rangers against the Canucks in Stockholm. Not saying that will happen, but there are a lot of options and optics to look at. The NHL didn't do so bad with their Premiere event in Europe, they will look to match the success of the events.

We will keep you posted if there are any more developments.