NHL makes abrupt change and considers holding draft in June

​Is this good news for things to come?!

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The NHL is looking at all scenarios possible to resume action in order to finish the 2019-20 season and crown a Stanley Cup champion, however, they are also focused on the next campaign. 

This is why the situation with the NHL draft is being closely monitored and insider Pierre LeBrun revealed on Tuesday that the league is actually considering holding the draft in June despite the season being on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly has revealed that the NHL has discussed the possibility to hold the draft in June before the potential season resuming.  LeBrun notes there would be some obvious complications with that, draft order and conditional picks, etc, but it’s being discussed as an option. 

Many believe it was out of the question to hold the draft ahead of the season ending seeing that draft lottery/order of selection and conditional picks would need to be ruled on. We are guessing that no players could be traded at the draft if the season is being resumed after it...

It remains to be seen what the decision will be, however, you have to admit it will be a first in the league as is all of this!