NHL makes several rule changes for 2024-25

NHL makes several rule changes for 2024-25

The NHL Board of Governors has made a decision on rule changes the GMs put forth at their March meeting:

Chris Gosselin

Back in March, several rule changes were discussed and eventually proposed to the NHL’s competition committee and board of governors ahead of the 2024-25 season. On Wednesday, Sportsnet reporter Eric Engels revealed that the NHL Board of Governors has ratified four rule changes the league’s general managers put forth at their March meeting.

Engels reports that teams will be able to challenge if they believe the puck hit something on the way out on a puck-over-glass call.

Also, attacking players now get warned instead of removed from face off following an icing call.

The third change is now inadvertently knocking the net off rule (64.A iv) will now also apply to goalies (if they or anyone on the team does it, attacking team gets to choose face off location in o-zone and defending team can’t change).

And finally, Rule 75.3 instituted for unsportsmanlike conduct-offending team will be first warned (and then penalized if they didn’t heed the warning) for players hanging over the boards prior to a line change.

As for the format to overtime and shootouts, there was, back in March, consideration of extending the extra period to seven minutes, but the idea didn’t gain traction. For now, the format remains the same moving forward into the 2024-25 campaign.

Do you like the aforementioned rule changes as reported by Engels?