NHL names referees for Game 5 and Habs fans are not happy



According to a report from Sportsnet NHL insider Chris Johnston, NHL officials Kelly Sutherland and Eric Furlatt are scheduled to work Game 5 of the Montreal Canadiens vs Vegas Golden Knights series this evening.

Check it out:

Officiating has obviously been a hot button issue in this series and the Canadiens and their fanbase have been absolutely giving it to the refs for unbalanced calls. Game 4 in particular had some bizarre non-calls against Vegas, to the point where Habs fans accused NHL referee Chris Lee of having it out for the team. Today though, those same Habs fans are learning to be careful what you wish for because swapping out Chris Lee for Kelly Sutherland isn't exactly some giant improvement. In fact, Sutherland has a bit of a history with the team going back years and years. Suffice it to say that Habs fans aren't exactly happy with today's announcement, even with Lee taken off the case.

Check out some of these fan reactions to Johnston's announcement:

Thoughts, Habs fans?