NHL official dropped by shot to family jewels in Game 6.

NHL official dropped by shot to family jewels in Game 6.

Everyone was feeling the pain of NHL official Devin Berg after he took a shot to the family jewels.

Jonathan Larivee

Florida Panthers forward Evan Rodrigues should probably be on his best behavior for the rest of the night unless he wants to risk having an angry linesman calling a penalty against him.

On Saturday night, during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final between the aforementioned Panthers and New York Rangers, Rodrigues would be involved in an incident that would unfortunately leave one of the National Hockey League's officials in some pretty serious discomfort.

In what was surely a complete accident, Rodrigues would fire off a shot that would strike NHL linesman Devin Berg directly in the family jewels, sending the striped zebra crashing down to the ice in pain. In perhaps the most understandable moment ever, Berg would remain down on the ice for several moments, doubled over, as he tried to recover from the pain coursing through his body.

In typical hockey fashion however, Berg would get back to his feet and remained in the game despite the unfortunate injury to his groin area.

A true credit to his toughness.