NHL officials make a brutal call in the very first game of the day!

That is a tough one to swallow.

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If you're a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers I just want you to know that we hear you. 

On Saturday the Philadelphia Flyers were the victims of one of the most frustrating calls of the entire 2018 - 2019 National Hockey League regular season when they were awarded an entirely undeserved penalty. The Flyers were facing off against the New York Islanders on Saturday when 24 year old defenseman Robert Hagg was awarded a 4 minute double minor penalty for a high stick to the face of New York Islanders captain Anders Lee.

Now this would normally be your run of the mill penalty as Anders Lee was indeed the victim of a high stick right in the face and there was indeed damage done to his face that would have warranted a 4 minute double minor penalty. There is of course just one problem, Hagg's stick never even came close to striking Lee in the face.

What actually happened was that Lee was the victim of a careless stick on the part of teammate Brock Nelson, and it was Nelson's stick that busted Lee open and led to the damage that resulted in the double minor. This of course resulted in a massive swing in momentum for the New York Islanders as well as 4 minutes of fatiguing play from the Flyers penalty killing unit, all because the National Hockey League officials on the ice once again made an egregiously bad call this season. It was so bad that even the Flyers official account on social media felt the need to call out the rather poor decision from the officials on the ice.

Unfortunately for the Flyers though this is nothing new, and although you might be thinking that the scenario I've just laid out is frustrating enough, we've only just scratched the surface. You see earlier in the season the Flyers faced off against the Minnesota Wild, and in that game the Flyers were also awarded a double minor penalty for a high stick to the face of an opposing player. Here's where the frustration really begins though, that high stick was also awarded to, you guessed it, 24 year old Flyers defenseman Robert Hagg and wouldn't you know it, Hagg never delivered a high stick to anyone on that sequence either.

The Flyers are a long shot to make the playoffs at this point it's true, but this has to be an insanely frustrating for of deja vu for Flyers fans that are still holding out hope for the playoffs. Oh and not to mention, poor Robert Hagg.