NHL officials step in to save Roussel who gets completely dominated by McGinn.

A one-sided beating.

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On Tuesday night Dallas Stars agitator Antoine Roussel made a decision he's likely regretting. 

A little over halfway into the second period of the match up between the Stars and Florida Panthers Roussel decided to get up in the face of Panther's  forward Jamie McGinn, a big mistake. 

After some jaw-jacking back and forth between Roussel and Mcginn both men made the decision to drop their gloves and it was immediately apparent that Roussel was very badly outmatched in this contest. 

McGinn unloaded a series of hard uppercuts to the body and face of Roussel and the only response from Roussel was to turtle up into a ball and wait for the National Hockey League officials on the ice to save him. 

No debating who won this fight.