NHL owner forced to pay a hefty sum for failing to fulfill obligations!

He will finally be forced to pay up!

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A group of Boston teenagers, calling themselves the Hyde Square Task Force, have uncovered a decades old clause in the construction agreement between Boston Bruins owner and TD Garden chairman Jeremy Jacobs and the city of Boston that reveals the city’s residents are owed $13.8 million from the team.

Well, according to the Boston Globe, Jacobs and the TD Garden has agreed to pay $1.65 million to the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. DCR will also add another million to this amount, which means a total of $2.65 million will be given to a community athletic facility.

The Globe reports that "Dozens of teenagers and their advisers attended the rally and held signs in protest of Jeremy Jacobs, the TD Garden owner. They shouted, “Jeremy Jacobs you can’t hide, we’ve got justice on our side.”

Don’t hold your breath on getting any of that cash though. Just ask any Bruins fan about Jeremy Jacobs and his money. After all, this is the guy who removed water fountains from the rink so that fans would have to pay for bottled water…