NHL owners make a 6 figure bet on the Stanley Cup Final.

NHL owners make a 6 figure bet on the Stanley Cup Final.

A pair of NHL owners have a lot of money riding on the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final.

Jonathan Larivee

There is a great deal on the line in the Stanley Cup Final, perhaps more so than you would expect in your typical National Hockey League season finale.

We know that we will see a franchise claim it's first ever Stanley Cup with both the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers currently boasting an empty trophy cabinet in that regard, and the same can be said for the head coaches with neither Paul Maurice nor Bruce Cassidy having previously captured hockey's holy grail during their NHL careers.

That alone is plenty of reason to be excited for this series but apparently Golden Knights owner Bill Foley and Panthers owner Vincent Viola felt the need to spice things up that extra little bit ahead tonight's big game. The owners have announced that they have placed a $100,000 wager on the series, but this is a wager with a very nice twist.

The winner of the wager won't be receiving $100,000 from the loser but will instead get to select a military charity of his choice to whom the loser must donate the money. Not only will this add a little excitement for the two men involved in the bet, but it will all go to benefit a good cause at the end of the day with the money going towards helping gold star families.

Bill Foley has selected The Folded Flag Foundation and Vincent Viola has selected Gold Star Teen Adventures, both charities that dedicate their efforts to helping the children and families of fallen military and law enforcement personnel.

May the best team win!