NHL player facing termination over video showing drug use.

NHL player facing termination over video showing drug use.

A National Hockey League player is likely out of a job after snitching on himself through social media.

Jonathan Larivee

In the blink of an eye, one player in the National Hockey League appears to have irrevocably damaged his career.

If you have somehow missed it up until this point, Arizona Coyotes forward Adam Ruzicka set social media and the hockey community on fire on Friday when a video surfaced on his Instagram story that appears to show him partying and using cocaine recreationally.

Although the white substance in the video cannot be identified as it could be anything, the rolled up bills, credit card, and the solid white dish that the white substance is resting on all appear to be hallmarks of cocaine usage.

Here is a look at the now deleted video:

The Arizona Coyotes certainly appeared to believe that there was something untoward happening in the video as they have quickly moved to terminate Ruzicka's contract with the news of that termination expected to become official later today.

As per NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, Ruzicka and the National Hockey League Players Association will have the ability to fight this decision from the Coyotes, although whether or not they will choose to do so remains to be seen.

It will be difficult to argue Ruzicka's case given that the video evidence is both damning and self-published.

At the end of the day here, Ruzicka is harming no one but himself, and I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs and can bounce back from what is no doubt one of the biggest mistakes of his life.