NHL player gives himself a month before calling it a career!

Drugs might have ended his career!

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The NHL is a tough business, one day you're carrying the Stanley Cup all over the ice for the second time, the other you're being freed by the team who gave you probably your last shot in the NHL, at age 34.

Jarret Stoll had a nice career, winning two Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 and 2014. The 4th line centerman was a faceoff artist and can be proud of what he accomplished on the ice. Last summer, the Saskatchewan native was arrested in possession of cocaine and MDMA, he haven't played in the NHL since.

Stoll is still hopeful he'll play in the NHL again as he's waiting for a team to ask for his service but if the occasion doesn't present itself in the next month, he's gonna call it a career.

To be honest, plenty of team dealt with lots of injuries so far this year, the Kings, the Stars and the Coyotes among other teams played with 4 of their regular players injured without giving Stoll a call.

If this is the end, Stoll would leave the NHL after 13 seasons in which he tallied 388 points.