NHL player reaches important milestone.

He tops his draft class by a lot!

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It's always adventurous to compare players to each other's. Different eras have an impact on players productivity and results. However, a valid data point will always be top compare players to the others who were drafted in the same year as them. 

Eric Staal reached an important milestone today. 

Needless to say, 1,000 games is a lot of hockey. Just reaching that plateau is amazing in itself. However, Staal's also the best goal scorer of his cohort, with a grand total of 349. He also has the most points in his career, with 835. 

During today's game, the Jets showed a lot of class about his exploit. 

Amazing job Eric, keep it going! 32 years old is not that old by today's standard and he has plenty of time to reach even higher results!