NHL Player Safety comes down on Jacob Trouba, Monday.

NHL Player Safety comes down on Jacob Trouba, Monday.

The NHL's Department of Player Safety has announced additional discipline for Jacob Trouba.

Jonathan Larivee

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba has found himself on the wrong side of the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety.

There was a major controversy over the weekend surrounding Trouba and a hit he delivered to Florida Panthers forward Evan Rodrigues during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final. Trouba could be see sticking his forearm out in an effort to make contact with Rodrigues who had him beat on the play, extending his forearm outwards from his body and catching Rodrigues in the head with the hit in the process.

Here's a look at the hit:

There was quite a lot of debate surrounding this hit over the weekend, but the NHL has now officially announced its ruling. On Monday morning, the disciplinary arm of the league announced that it would levy a $5,000 fine against Trouba under the 'elbowing' rule for his hit on Rodrigues.

Trouba was also awarded an elbowing penalty on the play in Game 2, which makes this ruling consistent with the call on the ice at the time.

Fans in Florida who were calling for Trouba to be suspended over this hit won't be happy with the decision, but it is worth noting that there are many who feel the hit did not rise to the level of a suspension.