NHL player set to play with modified equipment for “rest of his career”

This is the result of a terrible injury.

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Montreal Canadiens Brendan Gallagher successfully went under a second surgery in his left hand, the same he had to repair a season ago. "It's the same hand, the same finger, the same knuckle. On top of the screws and plates i had... they were damaged... they put up another plate" said Gallagher. "Like i said, it s*cks that i have experience in it but i've been through this before and i know what i have to do and stuffs that's gonna help me get back as quick as possible." 

The habs forward reflected on how he got injured "The two shots... Boychuk and Weber, two of the hardest slapshots in the league so..."

Then Gallagher admitted  "I'll probably play with [additional gloves protection] for the rest of my career... I've been through this twice, you know, it's not something i want to go through again."

Gallagher, 24, has a long road ahead of him If he stays healthy. It is still a tough decision to make at such a young age. There's a reason why gloves aren't built with extra protection to begin with and this could affect Gallagher's offensive production in the long run.