NHL prospects reveal bizarre questions from the combine.
Steven Ellis  

NHL prospects reveal bizarre questions from the combine.

Every year NHL prospects face a barrage of bizarre questions from NHL teams, and this year was no exception.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League's scouting combine is an annual event that gives teams around the league a chance to get an early and up close look at the players expected to be selected in the early rounds of the NHL Entry Draft. While much of the focus is often on the more physical aspects of the combine including the barrage of tests each player goes through, it is the mental testing of the young prospects that can often produce some of the best quotes from the combine.

One of the tests that is often a topic of conversation among the young rookies are the questions that are asked by teams from around the league, some of which have at times been truly bizarre. This year was no exception with some players reporting on a few of the oddball questions thrown their way by NHL teams.

NHL prospect Zayne Parekh of the Ontario Hockey League's Saginaw Spirit revealed that he was asked about his personal rating on a pair of different apps. The apps in question were also quite varied, with the first being the popular transportation service Uber and the second being instant messaging app Snapchat. Parekh revealed to reporters that his Uber rating is a 4.92.

This was confirmed by Habs insider Arpon Basu who also reported that the Uber question had been asked, but added additional information by claiming that it was the Utah hockey team that had posed the question to the prospects.

The Nashville Predators reportedly also had a strange question of their own, asking players how they viewed themselves in a war scenario.

"If you were drafted into the war, would you be a sniper, pilot or medic?" asked the Predators as per Mark Scheig.

The Montreal Canadiens asked prospects which animal they viewed themselves as, which while not all that bizarre did produce some pretty comedic answers.

"I picked a narwhal…because they’re rare and one of a kind like me," said prospect Cole Hutson describing them as "whales with a big pointy nose" in the process.

This one is also a little out of left field as it wasn't a question at all. The Colorado Avalanche, according to two different prospects, had the prospects playing board games during their time with them.