NHL referee Chris Lee OUT of Game 7 tonight after missing blatant call last time

Another referee change amidst all the controversial calls and non-calls


Chris Lee has been trending for days on social media, and for all the wrong reasons. During Game 6 between the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning, fans were quick to criticize Lee when star player Nikita Kucherov was forced out of the contest when he got injured after receiving a wicked crosscheck from Islanders defenseman Scott Mayfield. The play would go unpenalized. Despite the fact that Lee was in plain view of the infraction.

Oh…if this sounds familiar, it’s because Lee was the official who put on an absolute travesty of officiating in Game 4 of the Vegas Golden Knights and Montreal Canadiens series. Much of the controversy comes from Lee’s officiating in Game 4 of the series in which Lee literally “looked the other way” on several non-calls that benefited the Golden Knights. Seriously… how does this guy keep getting such plum assignments? 

Well, the league has finally decided that he wouldn’t be assigned to tonight’s Game 7 in Tampa Bay! 

It has been reported that Francis Charron and Gord Dwyer would be the officials for this do-or-die Game 7 between the Isles and Bolts. Lee will be in the building, but will act as the stand-by referee. 

We can’t imagine that Lee will get the call for the Stanley Cup final between the Montreal Canadiens and the winners of tonight’s matchup. Right?