NHL referee Chris Rooney drops f-bombs on Kevin Bahl.

NHL referee Chris Rooney drops f-bombs on Kevin Bahl.

NHL referee Chris Rooney gave a young forward some rather stern advice on Friday night.

Jonathan Larivee

In the modern era of professional sports everything is being recorded both with audio and video at all times, and that can lead to some rather comical moments being caught live on air.

One such moment occurred on Friday night when National Hockey League referee Chris Rooney was picked up on a hot mic when he did his job and interjected himself in scrum taking place between the Buffalo Sabres and the New Jersey Devils.

In a rather hilarious clip, Rooney can be heard giving a stern talking to 23 year old Devils forward Kevin Bahl as he tries to seperate the players on the ice. Rooney not only successfully puts an end to the scuffle between Bahl and his opponent, but he also imparts some good advice to the former Arizona Coyotes second round pick as well.

"You're getting the f***ing power play you f***," said Rooney cutting himself off before going to far. "You're getting the power play get the f*** out of here."

In Bahl's defense, he was understandably upset after a hit from the Sabres' Connor Clifton made contact with the head of Devils' captain Nico Hischier but the advice from Rooney was still good advice. Not only did the Devils get a power play out of it, but the NHL's Department of Player Safety has already announced they are reviewing the hit.