NHL releases report on betting allegations levied against Evander Kane

The report is in. Did Kane willingly bet against himself and the Sharks?


The NHL's biggest offseason drama appears to be coming to an end.

Earlier this offseason Anna Kane, estranged wife of San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane, made a series of social media posts alleging that Evander is essentially an unfit parent, a deadbeat husband and an addicted gambler. Anna alleges that Evander made illegal bets on NHL games, including betting on his own team's game. 

Today the NHL released an initial report after concluding their investigation into gambling allegations essentially turned up nothing. In a press release announcement the NHL said it "found no evidence to support allegations of illegal gambling."

The report states: 

"The investigation included a detailed review of social media, public data, and court filings from the bankruptcy proceeding initiated by Mr. Kane in January, 2021 and his pending divorce proceeding; a review of sports betting data and analysis; and in person and virtual interview of members of the Sharks organization and others, including Mr. Kane. It should be noted that Ms. Kane refused to participate in the investigation."

Umm... excuse me? Ms. Kane refused to participate in the investigation? She's the entire reason that there's an investigation in the first place! Call me crazy but you can't just toss out serious allegations and then distance yourself from them once things get too hot for your liking. 

The report goes on: 

"The investigation uncovered no evidence to corroborate Ms. Kane's accusations that Mr. Kane bet or otherwise participated in gambling on NHL games, and no evidence to corroborate the allegations that Mr Kane "threw" games or did not put forward his best effort to help the Sharks win games. To the contrary, the evidence raises doubts about the veracity of the allegations."

In other words, "This woman has no idea what she's talking about..."

I'm not exactly the world's biggest Evander Kane fan, but man oh man was he done dirty be a jilted ex. 

It should also be noted however that while the NHL has concluded its investigation into the gambling accusations against Kane, there is an ongoing investigation into what the NHL is deeming "potential wrongdoing by Mr. Kane." It's unclear what exactly this means, but the NHL states that this investigation is separate from anything stemming from Ms. Kane. So... while I said this drama is over... well, I guess I lied.