NHL reporter makes absolutely shocking comments on Carey Price's injury

Well, that is one hell of a theory.

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Montreal Canadiens star goaltender Carey Price's struggles are already well-documented. The 30-year-old isn't playing nearly as well as he should, and that clearly has a huge impact on his team's performances. 

We reported yesterday that he was dealing with some form of minor injury, believed to be a "lower-body" injury, and that it seems serious enough that the Canadiens do not expect him to play in the near future. 

But is it really the case? Radio-Canada journalist Martin Leclerc seems to believe it isn't. He said this morning he really doubts Price is really hurt, and that this so-called injury comes at a really convenient time:

"This injury comes at a very convenient time. Carey Price was struggling, and the game he played in Minnesota was just atrocious, it was one of his worst games since he's part of the Canadiens... I think the organization decided to take a step back and say "really, there's a problem with Price." We're talking about the survival of the team for this season here."

Wow. Seriously? He really is suggesting that the Canadiens are lying to everyone concerning the health of their star netminder. This might be a bit of a stretch. Leclerc also added that Price might have personal, off the ice problems:

"He may have off the ice problems, personal problems just like every human being in their lives. The Habs' department of communication's ultimate goal is to protect the players from journalists invading their personal lives."

In 11 games this year, Price has only won three games, and has a goals against average of 3.77 and a save percentage of .877.