NHL responds to Travis Dermott's illegal use of Pride tape.

NHL responds to Travis Dermott's illegal use of Pride tape.

The National Hockey League has issued comment on the use of Pride tape by one of their players tonight.

Jonathan Larivee

Travis Dermott has challenged the National Hockey League on Saturday night and it now sounds like the league may be forced to respond to the furor it has caused on social media.

If you missed my earlier report, on Saturday night Dermott made the decision to use the recently banned Pride tape during a game between his Arizona Coyotes and the Anaheim Ducks.

Dermott did so in a relatively discrete fashion and may have even believed that it would go unnoticed, but sharp eyed hockey fans quickly realized what was going on. Dermott did not use the tape on the blade of his stick as is often seen, but instead made the decision to use only a small amount of tape on the shaft of his stick during tonight's game. You can see images of his stick and the tape just below:

The decision from Dermott has drawn a ton of attention on social media and with that kind of public attention the NHL will be forced to respond in one way or another. When reached for comment this evening the NHL simply stated that the illegal use of the tape from Dermott would be taken under review.

"We will review it in due course," said the league in a statement.

The NHL of course recently banned the use of the Pride tape which itself has caused a great deal of discussion on social media, and it would appear that Dermott's actions this evening have once again brought the debate around the tape to the forefront.