NHL reveals All-Star skills competitions including a golf-inspired “Pitch n' Puck”

Honestly can't wait to see which players make the island green.


The NHL has revealed its plans for the upcoming 2022 NHL All-Star Skills competition and... well... there's no mention of alligators...

The festivities are of course taking place in Sunrise, Florida the home of the Florida Panthers are there was a rumor going around that the skills competition would feature alligators in some sort of water feature. But, while the NHL is still mum on the gators, they did release their plans for the event including what two games called "Pitch ‘n Puck", a combination of hockey and golf shots that'll take place on an island green and "Splash Shot", which takes place on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.

More from the NHL:

I honestly love the idea for the Pitch n' Puck, but I'm still not clear on what exactly the Splash Shot is though... hopefully it has alligators is all I'm saying.