NHL reveals Kraken’s concept goalie mask and it’s unreal!

​This has to be worn for the inaugural game in Seattle!

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Fans in Seattle cannot wait for the Kraken to kick off their inaugural season in the National Hockey League and it looks like the league itself is excited as well. 

On Friday, the NHL published a Facebook post on its 32nd expansion team and got so many fans excited about it. The NHL posted pictures of the Kraken’s concept goalie mask and it looks unbelievable. 

The concept goalie mask was created by Goalie Customizer, who unveil his design on his Instagram account - and it didn’t take long for the NHL to share it and promote it on its pages. 

When the team finally revealed its name and colours, fans got to discover the logos and jerseys that will be proudly worn by the players who will be chosen in an expansion draft. 

However, no one had ventured into putting together a concept goalie mask until finally Goalie Customizer made it happen with this unbelievable design. He even designed the pads and complete goalie gear that should be worn with that unreal mask! 

This has to be the goalie’s mask for the Kraken’s inaugural game in the circuit - no matter who he is! 

What do you say?