NHL rules on Shaw's alleged homophobic slur

Shaw always seems to get himself in trouble, doesn't he.

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The Montreal Canadiens (1-6-1) found themselves in yet another game that was getting away from them - and it appeared that forward Andrew Shaw let the heat of the moment get to him.

At the very beginning of the clip, most people's basic lip reading skills gives an interpretation that stirred up a whole controversy. We won't spell out what everyone thought he said - but it seemed pretty clear.

Shaw was caught using a homophic slur in April 2016 and was suspended for 1 game. He decided to become the Canadiens' "You Can Play" representative to demonstrate both remorse and a willingness to educate himself and others on the dangers and harms of uttering such slurs.

For that reason, seeing him potentially being caught using the same words that got him suspended over a year ago didn't look good at all - and blew up on social media.

That being said, a more clear video was later released that allows us to see something different. Fast forward to about the 8 second mark.

The NHL ruled that no homophoic slur was uttered in this instance.