NHL's leading scorer drops the gloves with John Scott.


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John Scott certainly left us with a few memorable moments at this year's NHL All Star Game on Sunday.

The Pacific All-Stars' captain even managed to play the game in his signature style, by laying the body to the NHL's leading scorer, Blackhawks' forward Patrick Kane. It was only the second hit ever recorded in an All Star Game.

Much to the delight of the Nashville crowd at Bridgestone Arena, Scott dumped Kane in open ice, and the two even playfully dropped the gloves and had a clutching match.

"He came right after me after he scored," Scott said. "He's like, 'Let's go,' so we fought. We've wrestled around in the past, so I just kinda ducked a little bit. It was fun."

"I don't know if he was expecting me to drop the gloves with him, it was a fun little moment," Kane said. He later added, "I think that whole sequence with the [the hit] ... me going back the other way and scoring a goal, and the fight after will be something pretty cool for people to play over and over again."

It's good to see they were both good sports the whole time and realize what the fans want to see.

"I think a lot of the guys enjoyed him [being] here," Kane said. "I'm sure he went over with a lot of people and gained a lot of fans while he was here."

To say that this year's All Star Game was an improvement from year's past is probably an understatement. And for John Scott it's a storybook ending to an ongoing saga leading up to the game.

"I don't think you can top this," said Scott.