NHL’s upcoming decision enrages fans and proves the league is mocking everyone

NHL’s upcoming decision enrages fans and proves the league is mocking everyone

After the embarrassing turnout at the All-Star weekend?? Geez, now come on!



I am not saying outdoor games should be removed from any future plans in the NHL. Most Winter Classics and Stadium Series in recent years have proven to have fans excited and willing to purchase tickets to attend.

However, after the All-Star Game weekend fiasco in Florida, you would think that the NHL would not consider hosting another event there… right?

Well, think again. On Wednesday, insider Kevin Weekes revealed that there are active talks of a possible Stadium Series Game In Florida next year and it could be a Battle Of The Sunshine State with the Panthers facing the Tampa Bay Lightning. Even the insider couldn’t help making a joke, saying that the situation was fluid. Like the ice will be under the hot sun…

Reports of a Stadium Series in Florida comes less than a week after the embarrassing turnout at the All-Star weekend at the FLA LIVE arena… The NHL was under fire with many empty seats around the rink and even players looking disinterested in the competitions, only happy to have a break on the beach.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman even kicked off his latest 32 Thoughts column with ideas on how to make the All-Star weekend more appealing. He suggests going back to announcing the captains and then have them choose their team in a draft like we’ve seen years earlier.

“And the players have shown they are great at it. The previous drafts were excellent entertainment.”

He especially wants players to really take part in the event and have as much fun as the fans in attendance and watching at home are supposed to have.

“The players have to buy in. Some do, but others don’t. This is a big weekend for sponsors and television. It doesn’t have to be a car crash like Flames-Rangers, but it’s got to have some positive viral moments. That’s important.”

When Friedman talks about attendance, he is straight to the point: “Make sure people with tickets are in their seats. If not, put kids in the seats. Do something to get butts in the seats. You cannot have an empty-looking building, it’s awful, whether the events are taped or live.”

But it sounds like, especially with this latest report of the Stadium Series in Florida, that the NHL does not get that and we understand that it makes fans upset.

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