NHL seeks schedule changes after major backlash  

NHL seeks schedule changes after major backlash

This is what it could look like:

Chris Gosselin

Several insiders, fans and pundits have complained this past month about the 2023-24 schedule and how deep into the summer and close to the NHL Draft the playoffs went.

This is what might have prompted NHL commissioner Gary Bettman from considering the possibility of extending the regular season and awarding the Cup sooner as Pierre LeBrun recently revealed how the NHL and the NHLPA had discussions to make a few changes to the calendar.

While the changes being negotiated won’t take effect for two years, the following are the modifications being considered: adding more regular season games, starting the regular season in early October, handing out the Stanley Cup earlier in June, and reducing the number of preseason games. This is what LeBrun said:

“The NHL and NHLPA have had very preliminary discussions on what a new NHL calendar could look like. Wouldn’t take effect until next CBA two years from now.

What’s being discussed:
_ Move start of reg season up to very early Oct;
_ Award Cup earlier in June;
_ Cut pre-season to 4 games per team;
_ 84-game regular season;

Basically moving things up 2 weeks or so.

It’s not awarding the Cup by May 31 but it sure beats what it looks like now!

Again, these are preliminary discussions. Let’s see where it goes.”

While the changes are interesting, especially the option of shortening the preseason like one Alex Ovechkin recently complained about, it remains to be seen if and when the changes will be approved and if Bettman goes through with it all.

To be continued…