NHL set to introduce new puck technology tonight and in the 2020 NHL playoffs!

The NHL brings out some cool new toys.

NHL set to introduce new puck technology tonight and in the 2020 NHL playoffs!

The National Hockey League is set to introduce some pretty awesome new gadgets to their fans, but as it turns out tonight will only serve as the final test phase of a technology that is set to take center stage in the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

According to a report from Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic, the NHL is now ready to showcase the technology at tonight's All-Star Game. Interestingly enough as it turns out there were players who were already wearing the specialized chips in their equipment on Friday night during the skills competition, but I suppose due to the nature of those events it made for a much more underwhelming time to showcase it in action. No doubt this will prove to be a big deal for the NHL tonight, especially considering this will be the final test run before it is used in the most important games of the season. 

From Rutherford:

When Edmonton’s Connor McDavid and the rest of NHL All-Stars took the ice at Enterprise Center Friday night, they were wearing an extra piece of equipment. It’s a tag sewn into the back of their sweaters that, along with a puck that has a built-in sensor, will tell how fast the players are skating, passing and shooting.

The technology was used in the skills competition, including the 3-on-3 women’s game, and will be shown on NBC and Rogers in the NHL All-Star Game Saturday.

The hope is that the introduction of this new technology will not only allow the league and its fans to much more accurately track player data, but will also open the doors to whole new data sets that no one had previously considered relevant. Not only that but obviously with such incredible electronic precision built directly into the new pucks themselves, the league will also have a much easier time making rulings on controversial plays that often end in nothing but criticism for the NHL from all sides. There will reportedly be 14-18 cameras in every building in the NHL looking down on the ice and tracking all of this data in real time, and I for one can't wait to see how the playoffs will look with all kinds of news stats available at our fingertips.