NHL shocks fans with decision on Tylers Myers’ hit on Joel Armia



This one will be tough to swallow for many of us. On Thursday night, with just under three minutes left to go in the third period, Vancouver Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers took out Montreal Canadiens forward Joel Armia with a brutal check to the head in the neutral zone. 

Myers was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct for the illegal check. After finally being reviewed, he was ejected from the game and everyone out there expected him to get a call from the National Hockey League’s Player Safety department. 

Well, do not hold your breath. 

According to some insider, including Eric Engels of Sportnet, there is no indication that NHL Player’s Safety will be issuing further discipline on Myers for his hit on Armia. 

The hit was criticized a lot, though some people managed to explain that the head was not primary point of contact. It is believed that the chest was. While the blue liner did not finish the contest and Armia has been diagnosed with a concussion, a misconduct and an injury do not necessitate a suspension. The league gets every angle here. We don’t. 

However, fans were quick vocal after the hit took place last night and we bet they will be some more when the NHL makes it official with its shocking decision to issue no further discipline on Myers.