NHL simulator predicts a blowout in the Stanley Cup Final!
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NHL simulator predicts a blowout in the Stanley Cup Final!

The makers of the NHL video games have simulated the Stanley Cup Final, and it wasn't even close.

Jonathan Larivee

The makers of the NHL series of video games have used their game engine to predict the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final, and if their simulator is to be believed this one isn't going to be close.

On Saturday, EA Sports announced that they had run a simulation of the Stanley Cup Final set to begin tonight between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights using the engine for the latest installment in their video game series, NHL23. The simulator predicted just a 5 game series, a blowout, with the Florida Panthers walking away with a relatively easy series win.

Here is how the full series broke down:

Game 1.
Florida 4-2 Vegas

Game 2.
Florida 6-5 Vegas

Game 3.
Florida 2-0 Vegas

Game 4.
Florida 1-5 Vegas

Game 5.
Florida 3-2 Vegas

This simulated series is reminiscent of the one the Panthers played against the Maple Leafs in the second round, one in which the Leafs only managed to avoid the sweep by picking up their only win of the series in Game 4. It certainly would fit the run of dominance the Panthers have shown in that second round and in the Eastern Conference Final as well, although the Golden Knights will no doubt have something to say about that when it comes time to actually play the games out on the ice.