NHL star accidentally refers to his former team as “we.”

Fans won't be happy about this.

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In the world of professional sports a trade can come at anytime, and when it does professional athletes are expected to rapidly embrace their new organization and of course perform at the highest level. 

It appears however that for some players the transition from one team to another can be more difficult, and on Thursday night one National Hockey League star had a major slip up when talking about his former team.

Dallas Stars goaltender Ben Bishop was asked about the play of the Tampa Bay Lightning when he caught himself referring to the team as if it was still his own, something fans in Dallas likely won't love. 

"They're healthy now and it's been a while since we've - they've - had the whole lineup like that. You can see the success they're going to have as long as they stay healthy. They're a scary team to play right now."

While it's certainly easy to criticism Bishop for the slip up, you can hardly blame someone who committed 5 years of their lives to a team for still feeling some kind of attachment. That being said you can't blame fans who are 100% dedicated to their team for taking offense when something like this happens with one of their players.