NHL team adds Kendall Coyne to broadcasting team

The All-Star Game star turned broadcaster gets a full-time gig!

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This just in, NBC Sports California have officially hired U.S. Olympian Kendall Coyne Schofield as a color commentator on San Jose Sharks games for the 2019-20 season.

Check it out:

Coyne Schofield’s memorable performance as the first woman to compete in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition initially prompted NBC to hire her as an analyst for Wednesday Night Hockey broadcast last season. Evidently NBCSC liked what they saw and now Coyne will join the team’s full-time broadcast team.

Coyne, a communications major who worked as a reporter while playing for Northeastern in the NCAA, appeared between the benches with NBC reporter Pierre McGuire last season.

It’s worth noting that Coyne’s watershed moment at the 2019 NHL All Star Skills Competition also happened to take place in… you guess it… San Jose.

“I’ve always felt a part of the San Jose family since I left that moment,” Coyne Schofield said, “and everyone’s been so supportive, and the outreach from the San Jose community just to me as a hockey player has been unbelievable. So, I’m really excited to transition that into the broadcasting realm.”

And just for kicks… here’s Coyne coming just shy of defeating Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid in the fastest skater competition at the 2019 NHL All Star Skills Competition. 

Check it out: