NHL team bans local radio station after controversial hiring

This is crazy!

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The Arizona Coyotes recently entered into an exclusive radio agreement with Fox Sports 910 in Phoenix, but before the season can even begin the team is essentially boycotting the station.

That’s because the station recently hired controversial host Dan Sileo, whose show debuted earlier this week. Sileo was fired three times by Florida radio stations in a 20-month span from 2012-13 for allegedly making racist and sexist comments. He referred to three black NFL players as monkeys, told Fox broadcaster Erin Andrews to, “bake me a cake,” and “love Erin either naked or in a porn … not at a sports desk.”

Because of these comments, the Coyotes are trying to distance themselves from Fox Sports 910 and have announced that their players will not be available to the station for interviews.

Check out this official statement from the Coyotes to The Athletic:

“When we became aware that Fox Sports 910 had hired Dan Sileo, we immediately reached out to the station’s management to express our deep concern regarding Mr. Sileo’s abhorrent comments. Our promotion of inclusivity is deeply rooted into the fabric of who we are as an organization and we have no tolerance for racism, sexism, anti-Semitism or any other discriminatory behavior.”

Wow… that’s pretty unprecedented. Will Fox Sports 910 cave under the pressure? 

For the full story on Sileo’s hiring and the Coyotes’ protest, read Scott Bordow’s column for The Athletic below: