NHL team having tough talk with highly promising goalie.

It's not going smoothly at all.

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When you possess a highly skilled and promising goalie, the norm is to do everything you can to keep him as long as possible. Franchise goalies such as Jonathan Quick, Carey Price or Henrik Lundqvist signed long term deals that settle the goaler situation for a while. However, backup and rising stars are a whole different matter. 

It's now public that Senators' GM Pierre Dorion is in talks with Mike Condon to sign a longer term deal. With Craig Anderson now 36 years old, he's closer to retiring each days and the organization has to find a suitable successor. Many thought having Condon in the roster would settle the matter, but it seems things are not going as smoothly as many hoped. 

When a GM uses ''not very good'', you know it's an euphemism. You can make the hypothesis that Condon is looking for a longer term deal or even shopping for a starting role elsewhere in the league. After a two years, 575,000$ contract, he's now UFA and may expect to grab a bigger piece of the pie under a new management. 

We will stay on top of this story for sure.