NHL team looking for upper management changes?

First General Manager fired this year?

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According to Newsday the New-York Islanders owners Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin would be on the hunt for someone to replace Garth Snow as team president. Snow is currently the team president and the general manager, a situation that can no longer last.

"Malkin and Ledecky have been meeting since the summer with a number of people in the hockey world, from former team chief officers to power agents to retired players, in hopes of finding a “big name” to step in and oversee the Isles’ operations." said Arthur Staple.

Among those big names are Brad Richards, recently retired forward who used to play for the New-York Rangers. Richards was seen with Ledecky and Malkin a few times during the season but nothing conclusive so far. 

The name of Pat Lafontaine has also been heard. Lafontaine, an hall of famer, used to be a senior adviser for the New-York Islanders prior to the Garth Snow's era.

Rumors has the Islanders seeking for a new president but this could very well be a move to take Garth Snow out of the equation and start from scratch.