NHL team takes controversial stance on Confederate statue debate.

NHL team throws their hat into the political arena.

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One National Hockey League organization has just interjected itself into one of the most controversial debates raging in the United States right now, the debate over whether Confenderate monuments should be removed or preserved. 

On Thursday the Tampa Bay Lightning announced in a joint statement with the Tampa Bay Bucaneers that they would be donating funds to be used for the removal of a Confederate monument from the Tampa courthouse. 

Here's is the official statement via TMZ Sports:

"Recognizing that this monument does not reflect the values of our community, in collaboration with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, our organizations have dedicated funds to assist in moving the statue from the public space in front of the courthouse."

"Now more than ever before, we must stand united and committed to diversity and inclusion as we all attempt to heal from the tragedy in Charlottesville."

No matter what stance the team took on this debate it was going to result in controversy as both sides of the argument are extremely passionate about their reasons for either wanting the monuments removed or wanting them to stay. 

On the one hand some have argued that the monuments glorify a time when slavery was prominent in America while the other side argues either that the Confederacy stood for more than just slavery, or that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. 

Generally speaking it usually seems like a much safer bet not to comment on hot button issues such as this, but clearly the Lightning felt strongly about this issue and decided to act as they see fit. 

What do you think of the decision from the Lightning?