NHL team to “drop nuclear bomb” in Marner’s negotiations

Threats or heads up?

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There is so much pressure in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ front office and we bet the organization was hoping to be done with the Mitch Marner’s contract negotiations by the time the draft rolled in. 

Well, the draft is tonight and things aren’t going well in that situation. On Thursday night, Leafs GM Kyle Dubas said that if Marner signs an offer sheet with another team, Toronto might let him walk.

Another NHL GM spoke with Leafs insider Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun and revealed that there is a huge risk in putting up an offer sheet for Marner. 

"It's the nuclear bomb you can drop on another team. But do you want someone to come back and drop the nuclear bomb on you?"

Teams have seven days to match offer sheets handed to an RFA. The compensation going to the club losing a player varies depending on the annual average value of the contract, but the Leafs would receive four first-round picks if Marner's signs for north of $10.568 million US annually.

However for now, Dubas maintains he isn’t worried about an offer sheet coming in for Marner, but one GM might not be afraid of nuclear bombs… 

"I don't think there's any fear in addressing it and speaking openly about it," Dubas said. "If it happens, it happens, and we'll go from there."

A hypothetical eight year deal worth $11 million per season was reportedly turned down by Marner, according to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman.

Dubas has called getting Marner signed "priority one" for months now… When will it become an accomplish - or if there is a “nuclear bomb” - will it be a failure in Dubas’ early tenure as the Leafs GM?